Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Oh what do to on Leap Day…do I bring lunch to the office, go to one of the restaurants close by, mooch off coworkers (always the cheapest option)…or get some exercise and walk down the street to a food truck?  Well, today, I took a leap of faith and tried a new food truck.  Rosa’s Bella Cucina ( has been coming to the Fox Plaza quite a bit the past few months, yet I haven’t made it down there when they were around.  I am glad I made a point of doing it today!

They serve up Italian deli options.  The menu consists of sandwiches, cold and hot, with a couple of sides available.  I ordered the #1 – La Mamma “Angelina” in the Papa size (large).  On a Ciabatta roll, they pile on prosciutto (very generously I must say), fresh mozzarella cheese and marinated sun-dried tomatoes.  It was a rather large sandwich, so I wound up only eating half of it (saving the rest for lunch tomorrow). 

I also added on their Pompei chips – sweet & sour potato chips, which are very tangy and remind you of BBQ chips without the tomato-y flavor, just the sharp vinegar and some sweetness (a sweet onion maybe?).  Again, the serving was quite generous.

Also today, they had fresh Zeppole on the truck, which apparently they don’t always offer.  I ordered a bag to share back at the office.  If you haven’t had a zeppole before, they are a fried donut, not unlike a beignet, but a little heavier.  They were very warm and delicious. 

When I mentioned to Rosa, who greets people and gives them their orders when ready, that I write a blog and what it was about…she had heard of me!  I was rather surprised as this was the first time someone actually knew about my writings.  She knew me more from Twitter, but regardless, it’s nice to be recognized.  She threw in some Tiramisu for me to try, and encouraged me to try their Arancino.  Next time for sure.

Oh, and the Tiramisu?  I have to say…amazing!  I’ve had good tiramisu, I’ve had bad – but this is the first time I had a tiramisu that I would actually call light and refreshing.  It wasn’t too heavy, and just melted on my tongue. 

I look forward to my next encounter with Rosa’s, and to trying some more sandwiches and the Arancino.  Thanks Rosa, you do it right!

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  1. Glad you liked the food! so sorry it's taking me forever to write and send you a big thank you:) xo rosa